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October 23, 2009



Any discussion of disciplinary differences in post-doc experience? It seems to be almost normal career stage for scientists but rather less common in social sciences and esp. humanities. Does this make a difference?

Sunny Marche

Yes, there are clear disciplinary differences, but this judgement is based on observation and not clear empirical evidence. PDF in many science fields is a norm with more than one PDF creeping into the category of common.

There is ongoing debate about this evolution. In the major Australian study it is referred to as creating a storage bay rather than a stepping stone (memory dependent quote).



Hi Carolyn, any updates on the infamous PDFs vs. CRA taxation issues (PDFs and the disappearing T2202A)? That time of the year is coming again the government will soon collect its large chunk of our little pie... Any good news from CAPS?


CAPS is moving forward and working on the documentation needed to be "official". We are hoping that they will become members in CAGS for a voice there.
As far as taxes go there has been no change. I thought new pdfs who were taking the prof dev courses could apply for the 2202A. As far as I know CRA has not made a definitive statement on this yet.

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